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in Irschen herb village

Fragrant celebrations and experiences
in the herb village of Irschen

... from the herb festival to the herb program

Over the last few decades, the whole of Irschen has dedicated itself to herbs, their taste and their positive effects. We have been celebrating this every year at the beginning of July at the Herb Festival for decades. Then the whole place turns into a fragrant pleasure mile. The special selection of stallholders makes this festival a fixture for all herb enthusiasts from near and far.

But you can learn everything about herbs in Irschen all year round. With the “Herbs for Life” program, we pass on our knowledge to anyone who is interested. Numerous experiences, such as workshops or herbal hikes, are the tools to immerse yourself in the world of herbs.

Irschen is also a place that thrives on its traditions. That's why we also have annual festivals that we celebrate.



... our “Herbs for Life” program

We are happy to pass on our knowledge of herbalism through herbal hikes, workshops and seminars - our experiences.
You immerse yourself in the varied and exciting world of local plants
sharpens the eye for nature.

Our experiences can easily be booked online here.

In order to be able to pass on the content better, the number of participants in workshops is limited to a maximum of 10 people.  We are happy to create an individual offer for larger groups.


Herb festival
the year in Irschen

... in July we celebrate the herb festival

Every year in July we celebrate a herb festival that is known far beyond the borders. Then the place becomes a mile full of scent and enjoyment and the whole village celebrates with them.

All events in Irschen can be easily discovered here.

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